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Juanjo Lopez Artist


Dear visitor, be welcomed to the website of the multidisciplinary artist Juanjo Lopez.

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Solo Exhibition | STELA | Escola Massana, Barcelona

What you are about to see is an extensive collection of abstract paintings, a certain type of concrete art or geometric abstraction that is the culmination of the artist’s personal journey that began during his art studies in college until today.

In addition to painting collections, I invite you to visit the various collections of digital art generated from algorithmic processes and code systems, each with its own aesthetic particularities.

Enjoy! 🍻

«The spaces in which the painter operates have laws; the forms that manifest themselves in such spaces do so according to these fundamentally geometric laws»

Pablo Palazuelo


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    DRAGON TRIAD | Abstract Art | Oil on Linen Canvas | 24 Carat Gold Leaf | 160 x 120 x 3 cm

As an emerging artist, the process of understanding and working in geometric abstraction has been evolving and maturing over time.

These abstract paintings are created as generative digital art in order to be painted on canvas, and it is in this process of analysing them (studying the structure), working them and bringing them to life that one acquires an understanding of the nature of the forms and composition.


If you are interested in geometric art, approach abstraction from a conceptual perspective and enjoy its aesthetics, be invited to enter this universe 👇🔥


Discover my coolest DIGITAL ABSTRACT ART collections! 🔥

The digital images shown in the collections have been made through algorithmic systems. For a long time I have been perfecting the work methodology to achieve very interesting aesthetic results, as you can see in the following digital artworks.

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    Dragonborn 69 digital art

In the end the aesthetic result of my digital art is a combination of images generated by software and my personal creativity when working on them individually which makes each digital artwork have a unique sense.

The resulting forms that are presented have an organic appearance, they could inspire certain organic forms, microscopic living organisms, mineral structures or other natural forms.

I particularly love oval forms, since the oval shape is the primordial form where energy is condensed and from which life is potentially generated, whether it is a cell, a seed or an egg 🥚


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IGNIS 50 | Detail | Digital Art

In any case, the fascinating thing about these projects is to find those common points where technology, in this case through art, is able to generate apparent living entities, just as nature does with its forms.

It is this combination between technology and life that merges through art, which motivates me to continue researching and investigating in this type of digital abstract art.

Take a look at the collections! 👇💊


Since the emergence of the NFTs and the metaverse on the arts scene, artists have discovered a new way of relating to the world, of showing their art directly to the audience, where the community can buy, trade, sell and invest in their favourite creators. And this is great!

You can find all the abstract paintings on the Opensea marketplace, as well as other equally interesting collections.

There are more crazy stuff coming up, so stay tuned! 👇🔥

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ALL PAINTINGS have been minted and listed as NFT art and on the Opensea marketplace.

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All of the following abstract art paintings have been created, minted and listed for the moment on Opensea marketplace.

This means that you can buy the NFT of the painting you like the most and if you are the first owner, you have the option to claim the painting in its real format.

If you want to hang it on the wall of your home and enjoy it as a decorative element that reinforces your aesthetic sensibility, this is your chance.


The decision to enter into the world of the NFTs and to join the Opensea marketplace is, as an artist, an important step. I believe the connection between the community and the artist is much stronger, more fluid and sincere, and it is a commitment of the artist with the community and the recognition of the quality of the artwork.

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IGNIS GEMS is a digital art collection of 100 images.

Buy, collect, sell, invest in NFTs, but above all enjoy its elegant aesthetics.

Have a look at the collection and choose your favourite artwork!


The digital images of the featured collections have been recently minted and listed in the Opensea marketplace.

Take a look and dive into the collections! 👇🔥

Here is a short selection of digital images corresponding to various collections so that you can specifically select the one you like the most 👇🔥