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Juanjo Lopez Artist


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    DRAGON TRIAD | Abstract Art | Oil on Linen Canvas | 24 Carat Gold Leaf | 160 x 120 x 3 cm

Dear visitor, be welcomed to the website of the artist Juanjo Lopez.

What you are about to see is an extensive collection of abstract paintings, a certain type of concrete art that is the culmination of the artist’s personal journey that began during his art studies in college until today.


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Solo Exhibition | STELA | Escola Massana, Barcelona

As an emerging artist, the process of understanding and working in geometric abstraction has been evolving and maturing over time.

These abstract paintings are «born» as generative digital art and take shape on canvas, and it is in this process of analysing them, working them and bringing them to life that one acquires an understanding of the nature of the forms.

If you are interested in abstract art, approach abstraction from a conceptual perspective and enjoy its aesthetics, I invite you to enter this universe.



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The geometric forms have been created with the maximum possible precision, since the very sense of the artwork demands the outline of the lines to be clean and the colors that flood the surface to be completely flat, so that the structure is outlined between the shapes.


«The spaces in which the painter operates have laws; the forms that manifest themselves in such spaces do so according to these fundamentally geometric laws»

Pablo Palazuelo

I am often asked about the process of creating my abstract art, how I get inspired and how I come up with this geometric art.

I understand my geometric paintings from a conceptual point of view; it is not just generating shapes on a plane in an intuitive or random way, but understanding the principle on which the shapes are created and relate to each other is what motivates me to make my art.

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    Designing the structure of abstract painting

In this case, the creative process is based on the premise that the «absolute» (a painting on a canvas) is a related whole where all the forms that appear must comply with the law of interrelation through a structure drawn with specific characteristics.

This means that the appearance of an element is defined in relation to the other elements, directly or indirectly, through an «invisible» structure that defines or establishes the parameters in which reality takes shape.

The beginning of everything – Structural work from the digital image (Blue Dragon)

The artworks are presented as formal systems. A formal system is an element composed of diverse interrelated parts. When creating a formal system, the aim is to capture and abstract the essence of certain characteristics of the real world (nature), in a conceptual model expressed in a certain formal language.

This thinking is creative, harmonious and complies with the idea that every system, in order to be «functional» or well constructed, must be balanced.

Once the structure is created, the composition can be altered (eliminating, adding, modifying forms) without going against the sense of the composition, since any change is integrated within the system. The next step is to build the image on the canvas and create it using the appropriate technique.

What I do as an artist who creates Art is to abstract that law and apply it with (geometric) forms, no more, no less. And under this law, I am able to generate a multitude of forms (or paintings) that comply with this universal law.

Blue Dragon – Oil on canvas, 24 carat gold leaf, 160 x 120 cm

«It is a matter of going to the encounter of life, of making its pulsation perceptible and of establishing the laws that govern it»

W. Kandinsky

Have a look at the following video to see the whole process of creation, from the very beginning until the abstract painting is finally done. You will see how I define the structure and how I work with color and gold leaf technique 👇

GOLDEN NIGHT | Acrylic on linen canvas | Gold leaf 24 carat | 120 x 100 cm


Since the emergence of the NFTs and the metaverse on the arts scene, artists have discovered a new way of relating to the world, of showing their art directly to the audience, where the community can buy, trade, sell and invest in their favourite creators.

And this is great!

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