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Juanjo Lopez Artist



«IGNIS GEMS» is a compilation of digital images that have been partially created from software and algorithmic sequences and each of them worked individually.

In a certain way they could be catalogued as generative art since it is the computer program that generates the image but the artist influences each work until the desired aesthetic is achieved.

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IGNIS 50 – Detail – Digital Art

The objective is to generate a series of images that share the same aesthetics and establish themselves as a collection. They are abstract, organic images, which may allude to life forms, minerals, crystals; just a kind of living beings .

The resulting images are the evidence that the «number» (geometry, structure, code) on which nature (or life, same-same) is created, is similar to the «number» on which our technology is constituted, and that is fascinating!

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    IGNIS 52 | Detail | Digital Art

Furthermore, forms are oval. The oval is the primordial form, where the vital impulse condenses to unleash new forms of life.

We see it in the cells, in the egg containing the embryo, the condensation of energy, among other examples left to your imagination.

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IGNIS GEMS has been created to be presented as NFT art and minted on the Opensea marketplace.

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JPG details:

3744 x 5616 px 6 mb aprox. 300 dpi


The irruption of NFT technology in the art world has been a revolution with immense potential for further growth. In this sense, Internet users can buy NFT artworks of their favourite artists, either as an investment in NFT or because they like art and want to have it in their portfolio as an asset.

Digital art collection IGNIS GEMS has been recently minted and listed in the Opensea marketplace.

The collection consists of 100 images 👇🔥


The artistic work of the artist Juanjo Lopez is wide and varied. It ranges from painting, digital art to photography and illustration.

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    Dragonborn 69 digital art

In some cases, an artist is known for a specific artistic work, but it is true that an artist develops in a multidisciplinary way.

In this case, other collections have been created on the Opensea marketplace and here they are! Please note that new artworks and collections will be added in the near future, so stay tuned 🔥