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Juanjo Lopez Artist


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GOLDEN NIGHT & GOLDEN LIGHT | Abstract Painting | Golden Acrylic on linen canvas | 24 carat gold leaf | 120 x 100 cm


I present you GOLDEN NIGHT and GOLDEN LIGHT. Each painting has been created using high quality materials: linen canvas on wooden frame, «Golden» acrylic colors (Cobalt Blue, Red Cadmium, Orange Cadmium…) and 24 carat gold leaf.

This type of painting, aesthetically framed within the geometric abstraction, is the result of combining digital art (generative computer art) with traditional painting.

  • Geometric golden abstract painting nft blue opensea crypto art
    Golden Night - Abstract Art

All painting details:

Golden Acrylic on linen canvas and wooden frame (3cm) | 24 carat gold leaf | 120 x 100 cm

GOLDEN NIGHT: Cobalt Blue, Manganese Blue, Red Cadmium

GOLDEN LIGHT: Orange Cadmium, Red Cadmium, Cobalt Blue


Not only can the work be purchased in physical form, but there is also the possibility to buy the single digital file as NFT in the Opensea marketplace 💗

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The paintings have been created with the maximum possible precision, since the very sense of the artwork demands the outline of the lines to be clean and the colors that flood the surface to be completely flat, so that the structure is outlined between the shapes.

Take a look at the details 👇

  • abstract geometric art crypto art opensea
    Golden Night | Detail | Abstract art


I am often asked about the process of creating my abstract art: how the digital images are generated and painted on canvas.

I understand my geometric art from the conceptual; it is not just generating shapes on a plane in an intuitive or casual way, but understanding the principle on which the shapes are created and relate to each other is what motivates me to make my art.

In this case, the creative process is based on the premise that the «absolute» (in this case a painting) is a related whole where all the forms that appear must comply with the law of interrelation through a structure drawn with specific characteristics.

structure blue dragon
Blue Dragon | Digital File | Working on the structure and defining the forms

This idea is actually a law on which any system is based, as for example in nature, where all forms of life are interrelated. This thinking is creative, harmonious and complies with the idea that every system, in order to be «functional» or well constructed, must be balanced.

What I do as an artist who creates Art is to abstract that law and apply it with (geometric) forms, no more, no less. And under this law, I am able to generate a multitude of forms (or paintings) that comply with this universal law.

  • painting process golden light how to
    Painting color areas, protecting with tape the finished areas

In relation to the technical process, first the structure is outlined as if it were a technical drawing and the color is worked by making reserves in the areas with masking tape. Several layers of color are applied so that the color has the desired saturation.


Geometric golden abstract painting nft blue opensea crypto art

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GOLDEN NIGHT has been created to be presented as NFT art and minted on the Opensea marketplace.

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