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Juanjo Lopez Artist



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Biotech 12 – Detail – Digital Art

«BIOTECH» is an experimental collection of abstract digital images in black and white (or grey tones) generated by algorithmic sequences, run through computer and software.

The objective is to generate a series of images that share the same aesthetics and establish themselves as a collection due to their visual characteristics.

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    Biotech 1 - Digital Art -

The resulting images are the evidence that the «number» (geometry, structure) on which nature (or life, same-same) is created, is similar to the «number» on which our technology is constituted, and that is fascinating!

Furthermore, the appearance of these artistic images is organic, living, as if they were organisms, minerals, organic elements visualized under the microscope, giving the feeling of a kind of bio-technology.

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Biotech has been created to be presented as NFT art and minted on the Opensea marketplace.

Have a look at the collection and choose your favourite artwork!

JPG details:

3456 x 5184 px 10 mb aprox. 300 dpi


Since the recent emergence of the NFTs and the metaverse on the arts scene, artists have discovered a new way of relating to the world, of showing their art directly without intermediaries, where the community can buy, trade, sell and invest in their favourite creators. And this is great!

Discover the artworks that make up the BIOTECH collection! – Total 14 Artworks

It will increase in number, so stay tuned 👇


The artistic work of the artist Juanjo Lopez is wide and varied. It ranges from painting, digital art to photography and illustration.

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    Dragonborn 69 digital art

In some cases, an artist is known for a specific artistic work, but it is true that an artist develops in a multidisciplinary way.

As a result, other collections have been created on the Opensea marketplace and here they are! Please note that new artworks and collections will be added in the near future, so stay tuned 🔥