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Juanjo Lopez Artist


Welcome to the digital abstract art collections of the artist Juanjo Lopez.

What you are about to see is a compilation of digital collections composed of images that have been partially created from software and algorithmic sequences and each of them worked individually.

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    Dragonborn 69 digital art


The goal of each collection is to generate families of forms that function as a whole, that share aesthetic similarities and can be presented as a single project.

The aesthetic proposals are the result of artistic work that has matured over time. It has been a long and methodical process, but it finally materializes in digital images with a remarkable visual appearance.

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BIOTECH 12 | Detail | Digital Art

They are abstract, organic images, which may allude to life forms, mineral structures or simply organisms visualized through a microscope.

In any case, the fascinating thing about these projects is to find those common points where technology, in this case through art, is able to generate apparent living entities, just as nature does with its forms.

It is this combination between technology and life that merges through art, which motivates the artist Juanjo Lopez to continue researching and investigating in this type of digital abstract art.

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IGNIS 50 | Detail | Digital Art


Here are the recently created digital art collections. You can access each one by simply clicking on the images. More digital artworks will be regularly uploaded so stay tuned 👇🔥


The irruption of NFT technology in the art world has been a revolution with immense potential for further growth.

In this sense, Internet users can buy NFT artworks of their favourite artists, either as an investment in NFT or because they like art and want to have it in their portfolio as an asset.

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Explore the entire NFT Art collection in Opensea

IGNIS GEMS has been created to be presented as NFT art and minted on the Opensea marketplace.

Have a look at the collection and choose your favourite artwork!


The decision to enter into the world of the nft Opensea marketplace is, as an artist, an important step. The connection between the community and the artist is much stronger, more fluid and sincere:

It is a commitment of the artist with the community and the recognition of the quality of the artwork.

The digital images of the featured collections have been recently minted and listed in the Opensea marketplace. Take a look and dive into the collections! 👇🔥