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Juanjo Lopez Artist


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    DRAGON TRIAD | Abstract Art | Oil on Linen Canvas | 24 Carat Gold Leaf | 160 x 120 x 3 cm


Since the emergence of the NFTs and the metaverse on the arts scene, artists have discovered a new way of relating to the world, of showing their art directly to the audience, where the community can buy, trade, sell and invest in their favourite creators.

And this is great!


If you are the 1st person to acquire the NFT of a PAINTING, you will have the possibility of having the physical work in property (I will send it to you at no extra charge) or on the other hand «BURN» it so that the NFT is the unique asset.

In case you decide to 🔥 burn the physical painting 🔥 …

I will create a video of me destroying the painting (probably by burning it, because I find it extremely aesthetic). That video will be minted and given to you free of charge.

red orange Geometric golden abstract painting nft art

Explore the entire Abstract paintings in Opensea

ALL PAINTINGS have been minted as NFT art on the Opensea marketplace.

If you like investing in crypto art or just interested in it, have a look at the collection and choose your favourite artwork!


Once you buy the NFT of an abstract painting and in case you want to OWN the physical paintings:

👉 I will send it to you without no extra charge. That is my will.

The paintings are stored in Germany (NRW), so I hope the destination and logistics will allow it. Anyway we would talk about it without any problem.

In case you want it to BURN and get the video:

👉 Since I live in Germany, I would have to look for a suitable place where German law would allow me to perform.

Be patient, somehow or other I want to do it. It will be my pleasure to burn the artworks and create a video of the process, if that is your will.